What you REALLY need to know!

Getting a thorough understanding of how a boiler and any ancillary equipment works are critical in understanding operation and maintenance needs. The lectures through this course will give a ground-up explanation of boiler designs, theory, and operations. Getting boiler operators a solid foundation in understanding their steam systems.

Interactive Hands-On Training

Get hands-on experience with industry-standard equipment and processes.

Classroom Seminars

Up to date information topics you need to know from maintenance, design, theory, and operations.

Live Demos

Test firing of a boiler, High-Pressure relief valve testing, Waterside and Fireside inspections & More!

We’re not just all talk!

We learn by doing. Our program gives you the opportunity to have some first-hand experience in different operations along with demonstrations of live equipment that just can’t be taught in classrooms.

Next Steps…

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