Tipping The Scale

Tipping the Scale  If you’ve spent any time around a boiler room, you’ve certainly heard or at least hopefully you’ve heard the term scale used. If not let’s get up to speed first on what this is because it essentially a vital checkpoint in your boiler’s day to day operations.  Water, in all it’s abundance and varying qualities contains numerous minerals and solid deposit that when heated get left behind. These leftovers accumulate over time and cling to the metal surfaces within the pressure vessel and essentially act as an insulator. Boilers relying on a heat exchange process, then gradually decrease in their efficiency to make steam or hot water. Plants utilizing feedwater sources with high concentrations of additives for water purification or mineral contents oftentimes show major scale accumulation unless properly combated. A boiler that is depending on 100% makeup water from these sources is at a much higher risk than those with a condensate recovery system or the like.

Numerous strategies are deployed within a mechanical room to ensure the boiler is provided optimum feedwater. Check out this informative video below for a closer look at boiler water and the hazards of scale.

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